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Instagram Tips pt 2


Post personable content



Analyse your Instagram performance with Iconosquare


Showcase behind the scenes with employees


Carefully edit your photos, ensuring quality and relevancy are maintained 


Understand your audience and what they want to see - create a theme with your photos and stick to it 


Use scheduling tools to make more regular posting easier to manage

Post frequently but spread out using scheduling


Include #Hashtags related to your audience - use Iconosquare or Websta

Avoid using too many or irrelevant hashtags


Use video


Apply the right filter


Post at peak time


Use related popular instagrammers to promote your feed/offer


Showcase your products

Be creative in the way you place your products

Create a theme around your brand, always posting products is not a theme



Encourage customers to tag your account or hashtag


Complete your basic settings


Share on other platforms

Post to twitter & place links to instagram on other online platforms eg website

Connect your socl media channels,  


Run a competition


Tell your story


Engage with followers

Comment, like and follow back followers